If you receive the wrong item, your product arrives damaged from shipping, your parcel is lost in transit or your item is defective, we will refund you 100% of the price you paid for it or replace it for free of charge. 

In order to qualify for this money back guarantee, you must contact us within 3 business days of receiving your product. You will be required to take photos of the damage or fault and email them through to us, stating what exactly is wrong. The claimed damage or fault must be visable via photo and if cannot be seen via photo you are welcome to send a video. From there, you will have to choice of a new product sent or a refund. We regret to inform you that we cannot just simply offer a refund if you claim your item is damaged, or of poor quality with no visable proof. 


If your item is  delayed* in transit.  

If you have not received your product(s) within 90 days of the shipping notification email we sent you, please contact us for a full refund. We offer full refunds after waiting patiently for 90 days. Once you are refunded and your parcel arrives you will have received it for free.


If your item is  lost* in transit.

Similar to above, if you have not received your product(s) within 90 days of the shipping notification email we sent you, please contact us for a full refund or request for your ordr/parcel to be re-dispatched. On this rare occasion, the choice would be yours.


*ATTENTION:  March 4, 2020

The above has been temporarily revised until COVID19 is over.

We apologize if there are delays in shipping due to no passenger air crafts operating, minimal cargo planes and back long. We do not control the shipping network or COVID19 restrictions. We do not know when shipping will go back to normal or COVID19 restrictions will be lifted in your country.


We accept returns.

If you ordered a product and are unsatisfied, had a changed of mind, or it doesn't fit, we do accept returns. However, you will need to contact us within 7 days of receiving the item(s) and from then you will have 7 days to arrange delivery back to us. You are required to pay for the shipping cost to return the product back to us, unless your item(s) are eligible for a FREE RETURN which will be located within the product listing before buying (we do run promotions for free returns on certain items at certain times). Please refer to the FAQ's tab for more information. Items cannot be returned to us if this time frame has passed, however, out of goodwill, we can accept returns on occasion which will be subject to the customer service representative at the time. .

The only exception that applies is to personalized or custom made items. We are sorry but we cannot accept returns or issue refunds for personalized items, unless there is a spelling error or measurement error. If a spelling error has occurred we will require a photo and cross reference the photo with your personalization request at time of order. In a rare instance that your item is spelled incorrectly, you will have to choice of a new product sent or a full refund and there would be no need to send back the incorrectly spelled item to us. If a measurement error has occurred or an item that was made to a certain size, please send photos of the measuring tape against your item and make sure to cross reference your order and that you ordered the right size before reaching out. We will issue full refund or replacement if we have made a mistake. Unfortunately, we cannot issue you a full refund if you have made a mistake when ordering.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you are unsatisfied with your product please contact us within 3 business days of receiving your item(s). You will need to explain why you are unsatisfied. From here, we will offer you a refund based on the following conditions:

1. You will need to return the item(s) to us. 

2. The item(s) returned will need to be undamaged, complete with packaging, components, manuals, etc. We do not accept returns on personalized or custom made items.

3. Upon supplying the tracking number, we will issue you a 50% refund. Upon  receiving the item(s), we will issue you remaining amount once the items are confirmed as unworn, unused, and in original packaging. 

Note: A " 30 Day Money Back Guarantee " means that you are guaranteed to be refunded, in full, including any shipping costs to you on/or before 30 days of your order or item being received and/or returned (if applicable) and do not need go through the hassle of a third party payment gateway (example: PayPal or Credit Card companies) or shipping carrier (if parcel is lost) to receive a refund.