What payment methods are accepted?

Mastercard, Visa, American Express and PayPal.


How long does it take to make an order?

Non-custom orders, stocked items ship out within 3-5 business days

Custom orders or personalized orders, ship out within 5-7 business days

Note: We do NOT work Sundays or on public holidays.


Do I receive a tracking number?

Yes. Every order comes with a complimentary tracking number. If multiple items are purchased, it is possible for more than one tracking number to be sent. You can use this to track your order or a gift order for your recipient. Use the "Track My Order" Tab or the email link that is sent to you when your order is shipped to track your order. In rare circumstances where the tracking link is not working, please contact our friendly customer service team for assistance.


Which shipping company will deliver by order?

The answer depends on which country you live in. Please see below our our main partners in the following countries:

USA - USPS (United States Postal Service)

Canada - Canada Post

Australia - Australia Post

New Zealand - New Zealand Post 

UK - Royal Mail

Singapore - Singapore Post

For other countries, please contact us directly and we can find out the exact deliverer in your country, should this be of importance to you. Generally it is the major postal carrier in your location as we want to assure you are provided with top service. 

Annual Holidays that can effect order processing or shipping time globally include Christmas Holidays and Chinese New Year.


Where is your office located?

We are located in Melbourne, Australia. However, we utilize a variety of production partners across the world in order to find you the best products, affordable prices and the ability to ship all orders world-wide for free of charge to our customers. Depending which item you ordered, your item could be shipping from: Australia, China, or Philippines.


My government in my country charges VAT (value added tax) on overseas purchases. Do I need to pay this fee when receiving my item to the shipping carrier?

No. The price you paid already includes the VAT within it. It is already prepaid on your behalf for all transactions considered B2C. If for some reason you are charged VAT, please do not worry. Kindly send us a photo of the receipt and we will refund you this charge out of goodwill. VAT is NOT INLCUDED in the price for WHOLESALE ORDERS. This must be remitted to your local government when the goods are delivered. 


Do you sell on any online marketplaces? 


Facebook Shop: HERE 

Ebay: HERE

We are trying our best to get all marketplaces fully listed and stocked with our items. This does take time. You are welcome to purchase direct from our website or from any online market place above.


Do you ever go on holiday or annual leave?

We generally do not have any company shut downs but depending where your order is shipped from there can be annual leave in that country. For example, in China they celebrate Spring Festival/Chinese New Year in February and at that time certain items may have a delayed processing time as our production partners or the shipping companies are on leave. Please refer to the SHIPPING POLICY tab for more details if there is a holiday or interruption to order processing or shipping times estimated. 


I want an exact date for delivery! Why can you not provide this to me?

Sorry, but we cannot provide an exact date of delivery. Most companies shipping internationally also cannot do this, unless an express service is used. Even then, there are times like during COVID19 where the express shipping companies remove guaranteed delivery dates from their priority mail. We do not control this. The universal term used in shipping internationally is "ESTIMATED DELIVERY DATE"

We can only provide an estimated date of delivery that the delivery companies provide us. We do not control the shipping companies and we are given an estimated date of arrival. Should you be ordering an item for a special day that is soon approaching, we cannot guarantee arrival for a certain day. We cannot offer you a refund because the item(s) did not arrive in your assumed or expected time frame.

Please refer to our shipping policy for more information. You can find that HERE.


What does a "30 Calendar Day Guarantee" mean?

For all items with this option listed, please contact us within 30 calendar days and return your product within the same 30 calendar day period of receipt. The cost of shipping to you and any loss in value will be deducted from the cost of your order upon issuing your refund when your order is confirmed as receipted back. The customer is also responsible for cost of return shipping to return their order back to us and provide the shipping carrier name and tracking number so we know when to expect to receive your return. 


Where does my item ship from?

As mentioned above, depending which item you ordered, your item could be shipping from: Australia, China, or Philippines. Most made to order items we sell are fulfilled by our production partner in China.  We design them and they make and dispatch them. Your tracking number will clearly show you where your item is shipping from. We offer free shipping world-wide to our customers. 


Can I return my product if I ordered the wrong one, it doesn't fit or I changed my mind?

Yes, we accept returns for all orders, except wholesale orders or custom made orders. Wholesale orders of 10, 25, 50, 100, 1000 etc are NON-REFUNDABLE. Custom made orders are items that are made just for you in which we cannot accept a return as we would not be able to resell it. Please contact us within 7 days of receiving your order. You will be required to pay for the shipping back to us, unless the item you purchased mentioned "FREE RETURN" on the product page before purchasing (which can be a promotional offer from time to time). You can contact our friendly customer support team for instructions on how to return.

Note: Return postage will come at your own expense. Any postal service that provides a tracking number with shipment can be used. We do require a tracking number so we know when to expect your return and confirm you have indeed sent your order back.


My item is arriving later than expected due to COVID19 delays with shipping companies, customs clearance, increased demand or changes in local government regulations as a result of COVID19. Can I get a refund? 

Although we sympathize with your situation and do apologize on behalf of the current events happening world-wide and that your product can arrive later than originally estimated, we are not obligated to provide refunds due to this as it is completely out of our control. However, if you have waited patiently for 90 days or more for your item to arrive from the shipping notification email we sent you, and it has still not been delivered, we will refund you in full or send you a replacement. You are eligible for a full refund AFTER WAITING for 90 days from the shipping notification email we sent you. We do not need to refund you before this time. Upon refunding you, if your item arrives at a later date, you may keep it for free.


Do you offer Guaranteed Delivery Dates?

Depending where you live in the world, your order delivery time can vary. Delivery time is an ESTIMATED time. More information can be found within our SHIPPING POLICY which is located HERE

We cannot guarantee a delivery date but we do guarantee delivery of your item.

Kindly note, depending on your specific city location and country location, and how long it takes for customs to process the package locally. We do offer a complimentary tracking number with each purchase, so you can follow your shipment every step of the way. 


Can I cancel my order?

We are sorry but if you have submitted your order and payment, it is difficult to cancel as the order gets sent to a third party warehouse for dispatching or if you order a custom or personalized item then the request for handcrafting has already begun with our production partner. We are also charged a non refundable fee from the payment gateway you used when sending the payment through upon placing your order.

In rare circumstances, if we are able to cancel the order, you will be charged 10% of your order value to cover costs of lost merchant fees, administration and restocking fees and the remainder will be refunded to you. We appreciate your understanding.


Why was my order cancelled and refunded by your team? 

If you ordered incorrectly, or are trying to by pass the system by purchasing something then leave in the order notes you want something else, we will automatically cancel your order. An order note is not to be used to leave an order for a different size, color, product, etc.It is for other purposes, depending on the listing. We would rather cancel your order then ship you what you accidentally ordered by not reading before buying then ship what you agreed to when checking out but did not read which results in a disappointed customer. You will be charged 10% of your order value to cover costs of lost merchant fees, administration and restocking fees and the remainder will be refunded to you. If a "tip" is left when ordering, we will refund you in FULL for your purchase of the item(s) if the tip is 10% or more then the cost of your order which will compensate for covering the fees incurred by your error. If the tip is less than 10% of your order, you will be refunded what you paid, including tip less the 10% to cover the fees and costs associated with your error. Please purchase wisely and read before buying so you understand what you are purchasing. We appreciate your understanding.


What is your refund policy?

We offer refunds in full under the following circumstances:

1. The goods arrived damaged or faulty. In order to qualify for a refund you must contact us within 3

days of receiving your product. You will be required to take photos of the damage or fault and email them through to us, stating what exactly is wrong. The claim you are making must be visable in the photos sent. From there, you will have the choice of a new product to be sent or a refund.

2. If your order does not arrive in 90 days from date of shipping notification email we sent you you are eligible for a full refund (even if your order arrives at a later date).

3. The wrong item(s) was/were sent and did not correspond to your order.

4. You received the correct item but you would like to return it. You need to communicate your intention to return the good(s) and post the item(s) back to us, unworn, in original packaging, following our return policy which is stated above within 7 days of receiving it. 


Are printed receipts included with your shipment?

No. We send digital receipts. If this item is a gift, the gift receiver will not know how much you paid for it. This also helps the environment by saving trees. Please check your spam folder if you cannot see an order confirmation in your regular inbox. Sometimes the automated confirmation email receipts can be sent to this folder by your email provider. If you cannot find your email, do not worry. Please reach out and we will resend it to you.


What does a "30 day calendar guarantee" mean? 

For all items with this option listed, please contact us within 30 calendar days and return your product within the same 30 calendar day period of receipt. The cost of shipping to you and any loss in value will be deducted from the cost of your order upon issuing your refund when your order is confirmed as receipted back. The customer is also responsible for the cost of return shipping to return their order back to the original point of dispatch which can be seen in your tracking number which was provided to you when your order shipped to you. Customers are required to provide the shipping carrier name and tracking number so we know when to expect to receive your return. 


I would like to send my order as a gift. Can I send someone a custom gift message?

Yes, we do offer this option for free of charge for the majority of items. Simply add your text to the order notes box at checkout and we will include where possible. We can include a complimentary gift message on almost every item we offer. In the off chance we are unable to provide a complimentary gift message, we will inform you after you order, and you will still be provided with a complimentary tracking number to see if the item has been received yet by a recipient.


It is my first time ordering online or I need help on how to order a personalized name product. 

Please visit this video on YouTube for how to order here: https://youtu.be/VuZCJyu1y4M


Why are there two locations for "ORDER NOTES" on your website?

1. There is an " ORDER NOTES " free text box featured on each product page. This is part of the website template.  If the item you are purchasing can be customized/personalized, it will be mentioned in the product description and/or photos for that particular listing. Please leave your personalized name request on the item page before you add to cart. This will add the name to that specific product. Please take the time to fill this out correctly when ordering multiple items to ensure accuracy. If you leave a note in the Order Notes section for a product that CANNOT be customized, it will NOT be customized as it is not possible. Please read before buying to prevent any disappointment. Just because we sell some items that can be personalized does not mean we can personalize everything we sell on our website. 

2. There is also an " ANY OTHER NOTES" free text box once your item(s) are added to cart and it is there should you wish to leave a certain note about your order. Example:  please can you include a gift note saying " Dear Lina, I hope you love it - Love, Nana". We will include a complimentary gift note where possible. Usually we can include this on personalized items we make and not stocked items. We cannot always send a gift note, but do not worry, you will always receive a tracking number once your item ships so you can follow up to make sure your recipient knows it is from you. 

If you fill out both Order Note boxes for some reason and the information in the product Order Notes DOES NOT MATCH what you left in the "Order Notes" section before paying, we will always use the "Order Notes" information located on the product page. It is the customer's responsibility to fill this in correctly for all customized orders. Where a customer is ordering a personalized item and does not fill out the Order Notes section on product page but leaves it before paying, we will honour the personalization information as we understand you may of just missed adding the names before going to your cart to check out. In cases where your instructions are not clear or confusing, you will receive what the product listing features and what personalization you have left directly when adding your product to cart. An example of an unclear order:

1. You Add a PINK rosary to cart. You leave the name " ANNA" in the "Order Notes" box on the product page. You also add a BLUE rosary to cart and do not leave a name in the Order Notes section. 

2. You proceed to check out and then leave the name "AMANDA" in the "Order Notes" box section for the entire order. 

When you do this, we do not know, do you want the name Amanda for the blue rosary? Or did you make a mistake on Anna and want it Amanda? Do you want both named Amanda? Was the original Anna not suppose to even be added or did you forget to delete it? This is why you need to be clear. To be clear: all you need to do is leave the name(s) you want in the "Order Notes" section on the product page BEFORE ADDING TO YOUR CART to check out.


How do I apply a discount I have seen?

Any discount codes you have seen via email, pop up, in a product listing, or on another website need to be applied by yourself at checkout before paying. You will need to enter this code at checkout BEFORE paying. The system will automatically apply the code if your order meets the requirements. Please view this video on YouTube to understand further on how to apply a discount code here: https://youtu.be/aGIJ1LSXNMc If you have any issue applying a discount code, please contact us.

Note: We cannot refund you if you are given or find a discount later for your order. However, you can most definitely use this discount code on your NEXT purchase.


I would like to buy a gift card. Do you offer this option?

Yes, we do. You can pre-pay for a gift card which will then be emailed to the recipient. Gift cards cannot be returned for a cash refund. Gift cards must be redeemed via purchasing items from our online store. At this time, there is no expiry date for gift cards issued by us.


There are two payments showing on my statement? Why?

Rest assured you will not be double billed. Please check to see if one payment was processed and one is showing "pending". If pending, it is likely authorisation holds appearing on your account rather than duplicate charges. The pending transaction should disappear in the near future as sometimes there are delays. On the off chance, both payments were deducted, please send a screen shot and we will look into it with both the merchant gateway that transacts and your selected payment choice and refund you for the second payment. 


I received and purchased an item with a Winfinity Brands Gift Card. If I order something and do not like it or want to return it, can I do so and get cash back?

If you were gifted with our gift card and purchased via gift card, and would like to return an item, you will be issued with a store credit via digital gift card again for future use. Unfortunately we cannot credit you with cash for a purchase made with a gift card. Our 30 day money back guarantee applies but instead of receiving cash deposited into your chosen payment gateway you will receive a gift card which will have no expiry date and you can use it to purchase items from our online store at a future time. 


I would like to buy a gift or more than one gift for MULTIPLE recipients. Can I add multiple items for multiple people (different shipping addresses) in the same order? 

No, unfortunately not. Each order will need to have it's own address. If you would like to send a gift to multiple recipients, please checkout each order one at a time and input the shipping details. The system will send you a tracking number for each recipient so you can track their unique order in shipment.


What if my item is lost in the mail? 

Rest assured, if your parcel does not arrive, you will receive a full refund as we insure all parcels on behalf of our customers. As we cannot control the shipping companies or customs clearance processes in each country across the world, we always provide reassurance to our customers that if your item is deemed "lost" by the shipping carrier and/or "returned to sender" or damaged upon arrival, we will either send you a new one or we will offer you a full refund.

Please contact us if you think your item is lost after the waited period of time mentioned in our shipping policy and we will look into your query for you. Please refer to the shipping confirmation email with estimated ship times to each country before contacting us and also click the tracking link that is provided to you. This will answer your question 95% of the time. The purpose of us providing a tracking number with each purchase is so you can check where your item is. The purpose of purchasing insurance with each parcel is to cover the cost of shipping and the product if the shipping company loses your parcel and we will handle the paper work for you. You are free to contact the delivery company for updates on your order as well. As your local delivery company will be delivering to you, they are the best contact for an update with shipping. We are not a shipping company. 


Do you offer "express" international shipping?

We apologize in advance but at this time we only offer complimentary standard international shipping to all countries. We are exploring faster and alternative shipping options for our customers while keeping the cost affordable but to date, this option does not exist. "Express" (a few days) international shipping is extremely costly and usually costs far more than the product itself, so it is not economical for our customer(s), and therefore we do not offer it. If you urgently need the express shipping option and are willing to pay a hefty premium which are charged by the SHIPPING COMPANIES (not us), please contact or friendly customer support team for a shipping quote, which will be in addition to the price you see or already have paid. Note: We can offer an express shipping method for bulk orders or wholesale orders for free of change. 


I want to change my address for the order. Can I do this? 

If your item has not shipped, please contact us immediately and we will try our hardest to change the address for you on your shipping label if your item was not processed. 

If your item has been process or shipped, it is impossible to change an address while an item is in transit as the label was already printed and parcel dispatched. Please contact your local postal service to FORWARD your old address to your new address to ensure delivery of your item. If you do not do this, your item will not be delivered to you. 

We are not responsible for parcels that are shipped to an incorrect address due to a customer's mistake. We have made and dispatched your order to the address you provided. Please make sure you input the correct address at checkout. This is your responsibility. 


I got a full refund... why? I want the product I ordered!

If you received a full refund from us, it means that your item was lost in the mail, customs have returned the item to us, the address you input could of been incorrect (forgotten post code, etc), your postal service could be on strike or facing large delays or back logs, closed borders (example: COVID19), and therefore is not accepting packages so they are returned to sender, etc. A refund means you get back what you paid us. We do apologize as we would like to satisfy our customers and make sales as well but the situations listed above are out of our control and therefore we will issue you a full refund which cancels our transaction agreement.

If you would like, you can place another order and we will re-dispatch the item. If the item you ordered is no longer available, we are sorry but we do special buys for certain items at certain times of the year and can run out of stock which is why we encourage shoppers to buy the item when they see it. We do not offer "rain checks". When an item is sold out, it is up to us whether we wish to order more or not. Sometimes an item may not sell well and therefore, we do not reorder more stock of it.

What currency can I shop in? 

Our online shop supports transacting in all major currencies. Please select which currency you wish to transact in before adding items to cart so you can see the price in your local currency and then check out with that currency. You should receive a pop up which will auto detect your country location. Please accept or you will be defaulted to $ USD currency shopping.

If you do not select a currency, the default currency will display in $ USD and your order will be transacted in $ USD. If your currency or country location is not supported for paying in your local currency, then you will not have this option. You will need to transact in $ USD and PayPal or your credit card will due the currency conversion into your local currency for you.

We recommend to shop in your local currency as if you shop in $ USD and then transact in $ USD and are not located in the USA, you may be charged additional fees by your credit card or banking institution (some countries like Australia do this as an example). Also, if you are refunded for an order, you will be refunded in the original currency you shop in and if you shop in $ USD and the refund is issued at a later date in $ USD, the exchange rate could change. We do not control the exchange rate(s).


Are you a large multi-national company company?

No, our online store is a small family owned and operated business. We are not a multi-national and do not have hundreds or thousands of workers. As mentioned above we are located in Melbourne, Australia but that does not mean your item will be shipping from Melbourne, Australia. The majority of our items ship from Asia which allow us greater reach around the world and at shipping prices that are more affordable, so we can offer you free shipping (no additional cost for shipping).


I ordered more than one product but only received one?

Depending on which product(s) you purchase they could be shipped from different warehouses or if custom, could be produced at our specialist partner(s) for that item. We will send you the tracking number(s) for each of the item(s) shipping for each parcel in transit to you. If you ordered 2 different products for example and received 2 tracking numbers that means that one item is being shipped from one warehouse or production partner if made to order and the other from another warehouse or production partner if made to order. Or if you ordered multiple items and they do not fit in one shipping bag or box, we will need to send out two. This means two tracking numbers are provided. Rest assured that you will receive all products ordered. Your patience is appreciated. Some items may arrive quicker than others. If for some reason you do not receive all item(s) we will issue a refund for the product that did not arrive or we will resend the product to you that did not arrive. It would be your choice, in that rare instance. We would also required photos of what it is you did receive for our records in order to offer any re-dispatch or refund.


I ordered wholesale. Example: 25, 50, 100, 1000. Why can I not return it, if I do not want it any more or changed my mind?

Wholesale orders are NON- REFUNDABLE unless the items are defective or arrived damaged. We recommend ordering 1 piece before ordering wholesale. This way you can inspect before making a larger commitment. You will have agreed that the order is non refundable and we keep communications on that for our records should they need to be referenced. We cannot offer such low wholesale pricing with free shipping for it then to be returned to us. This is part of our terms and conditions of purchasing. No exceptions are allowed.


I would like to sell my product on your website. Are you accepting new products for sale?

Thank you so much for your interest. Please contact us with your product photo, description and pricing. If your product fits our market then we will contact you to discuss further. We are always looking for more unique, quality items that we think our customers would love.