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Are printed receipts included with your shipment?

No. We send digital receipts. If you are the buyer, you will get a digital receipt. If this item is a gift, the gift giver will not know how much you paid for it. 


Can I cancel my order?

We are sorry but if you have submitted your order and payment, it is difficult to cancel as the order gets sent to a third party warehouse for dispatching. We are also charged a non refundable fee from the payment gateway you used when sending the payment through. In rare circumstances, if we are able to cancel the order, you will be charged 10% of your order value to cover costs of lost merchant fees, administration and restocking fees and the remainder will be refunded to you.


Do I get a tracking number?

Yes. Every order comes with a complimentary tracking number. If multiple items are purchased, it is possible for more than one tracking number to be sent. You can use this to track your order or a gift order for your recipient. Use the "Track My Order" Tab or the email link that is sent to you when your order is shipped to track your order.


I would like to send my order as a gift. Can I send someone a custom gift message?

Yes. Simply add your text to the order notes field at checkout and we will include. We can include a complimentary gift message on almost ever item we offer. In the off chance we are unable to provide a complimentary gift message, you will still be provided with a complimentary tracking number to see if the item has been received yet by a recipient.


I would like to buy a gift or more than one gift for MULTIPLE recipients. Can I add multiple items for multiple people (different shipping addresses) in the same order? 

No, unfortunately not. Each gift order will need to have it's own address. If you would like to send a gift to multiple recipients, please check out one at a time and checkout with payment for each order. The system will send you a tracking number for each recipient so you can track their unique order in shipment. 


What payment methods are accepted?

Mastercard, Visa, American Express and PayPal.


Why does the price show in my local currency while shopping if you are located in Australia?

There is a feature built in our website that automatically detects where you live and displays the currency in your local currency so it's easier for you to shop.  You will be charged in $USD (US dollars, universal currency) and if you pay with credit card, your credit card will exchange the rate into your local currency. If you prefer using PayPal then your transaction will be processed in $USD and converted into your local currency within PayPal.


How long does delivery take?

Depending where you live in the world, your order delivery time can vary. Orders generally arrive within 2 weeks if your shipping address is to the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada and some European Union countries like France and Spain. Delivery is ESTIMATED TIME. We cannot guarantee a delivery date but we do guarantee delivery. Kindly note that depending on your specific city location and how long it takes for customs to process the package, it could take longer; this is a rare occurrence. In other countries not mentioned above, it can take up to 6 weeks for your package to arrive. We do offer a complimentary tracking number with each purchase, so you can follow your shipment every step of the way.


What if my item is lost in the mail? Do you have insurance? 

Yes, we have insurance. As we cannot control the shipping companies across the world, we always provide reassurance to our customers that if your item is lost in mail or damaged, we will either send you a new one or offer you a  refund. Please contact us if you think your item is lost and we will look into your query for you. Please refer to the shipping confirmation email with estimated ship times to each country before contacting us. 


Do you offer "express" shipping?

No. We apologize but at this time we offer standard shipping only to all countries. We are exploring faster and alternative shipping options for our customers. "Express" (a few days) shipping across the world is extremely expensive and can cost  far more than the product itself so it is not economical and therefore we do not offer it.  


I got a refund... why? I wanted the product I ordered!

If you received a refund from us, it means that your item was lost in the mail, customs have returned the item to us, the address you input could of been incorrect (forgotten post code, etc), your postal service could be on STRIKE and therefore is not accepting packages so they are returned to sender, etc. A refund means you get back what you paid us. We do apologize as we would like to satisfy our customers and make sales as well but the situations listed above are out of our control. If you would like, you can place another order and we will re dispatch. If the item you ordered is no longer available, we are sorry but we do special buys and can run out of stock which is why we encourage shoppers to buy the item when they see it.


Where is your office located?

We are located in Melbourne, Australia. However, we utilize a variety of suppliers across the world in order to find you the best products, affordable prices and the ability to ship all orders world-wide. 


What is your return policy?

We will refund your money under the following circumstances:

1. The goods arrived damaged or faulty. In order to qualify for a refund you must contact us within 48 hours of receiving your product. You will be required to take photos of the damage or fault and email them through to us, stating what exactly is wrong. From there, you will have the choice of a new product to be sent or a refund.

2. If your order does not arrive in 35 business days.

3. The wrong items were sent.


Can I return my product if I ordered the wrong one, it doesn't fit or I changed my mind?

Yes. However you will be required to pay for the shipping.


I ordered more than one product but only received one?

Depending on which product(s) you purchase they could be shipped from different warehouses. We will send you tracking number(s) for each order. If you ordered 2 different products for example and received 2 tracking numbers that means that one item is being shipped from one warehouse and the other from another warehouse. Rest assured that you will receive all products. Please be patient. Some items may arrive quicker than others. If for some reason you did not receive item(s) we will ensure a refund or we will resend the product to you. It is your choice. 


I want an exact date for delivery, why can you not provide this to me?

Sorry, but we cannot provide an exact date of delivery. Most other companies also cannot do this, The term they use is "ESTIMATED DELIVERY DATE" We can only provide an estimated date of delivery as we do not control the shipping companies and we are given an estimated date of arrival. Should you be ordering an item for a special day that is soon approaching, we cannot guarantee arrival for a certain day. We cannot offer you a refund because the item(s) did not arrive in your expect time frame. Please refer to our shipping policy for more information.


Which shipping company will deliver by order?

The answer depends on which country you live in. Please see below our our main partners in the following countries:


Canada - Canada Post

Australia - Australia Post

New Zealand - New Zealand Post 

UK - Royal Mail

For other countries, please contact us directly and we can find out the exact deliverer in your country, should this be of importance to you. Generally it is the major postal carrier in your location as we want to assure you are provided with top service.